there’s a nice website to do art on, the link is here.

some art i made on that website: 

the name of the art is “revenge of colors”

not my usual style, but less effort with a bit of help, and i will sometime upload my “spine art”.

other art on the same website is:

“explosion of green”


My blog is kinda inactive, because i am unable to currently post many pieces of art, it’s kind of dying. it is very hard for me to do art, so I will maybe post some art every few weeks/months. I have some art coming, and someday soon I will post it, i will also overhaul the entire blog somewhat. I only wrote about 4 posts in the past month. i only got one comment, but thanks for the comment. I will try to put more effort into the blog but I need time to create my art so I might not be able to.

digital footprint

I believe that it is great to use the computers, but it is better not to have a digital footprint. This is seriously annoying when other people can research you. It is better to have a positive digital footprint than a negative one. I believe it is better to have nothing rather than many pieces of information.

review: holes, Louis sachar.

Holes by Louis Sachar

This is an amazing book. If you want to start on any of his books I would definitely go for this one.

The way it ties in to the other books is jaw dropping. It has two storylines, the blend of humour and emotion in them is absolutely perfect. Louis Sachar is an amazing writer, and this book does not disappoint. The book will make you cry and cheer at the rollercoaster of emotions. I give this book five out of five – just for characters! The dry, moist atmosphere of camp green lake is torture for poor Stanley yelnats. This is an amazing book, and you should definitely read the fabulous book. I give it 5/5!